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Anniversary Celebration – Week 3

April 16, 2014
Posted by: Pam

Back for a new week of celebration for 6 years. I can’t resist polka dots, and I’ve met many of you who can’t resist them either. We’ve put all our dots together and you can save 16% on any (or all) of them with the coupon  POLKA16 when you checkout.

Polka Dot Spring Bundle

We’ve put together this bright collection just in time for spring.


Adventures and Misadventures in Mod Podge + Fabric

April 15, 2014

Today is Tuesday and you know what that means…We’re showcasing a fabric-related tutorial for our readers to try (or tuck away for another day).  How many of you have ever ventured beyond the sewing realm with your fabric?  I’ve tried a couple of times.  Once, I used my favourite Tule print to line the inside of a vintage suitcase for my Waffle Kisses craft show displays and, more recently, I decided to line the back of an antique hutch I was refinishing in chalk paint.

Tule Suitcase


From far away, they look ok.  From up close, you can see that maybe I should have started my fabric + mod podge adventure with something on the smaller scale.  Luckily, the handmade goodies I stuff inside of my suitcase do a great job of disguising all of those lumps and bumps.  For any of our adventurous types out there, this week we’ve found a tutorial that uses mod podge and fabric to create custom fabric Washi Tape.  I’m tempted to give it a try and have been ticking off the materials checklist in my head all afternoon.  Believe it or not, I don’t think I have any masking tape.  If you’d like to try something new with your fabric, check out this great tutorial over at Shey B and let us know know what you come up with.  We’d love to see your pics in our Flickr group.


The Little Red Fox…or Cat?

Posted by: Laura

This week’s featured Mosaic Monday bundle puts a Little Red Fox in the centre of it all.  Drawing inspiration from Natalie Lymer’s Enchant Main in White, we’ve paired the whimsical, fanciful print with soft, sweet, nature-inspired prints and a dash of rich, vibrant pearl bracelets.  This perfect combination of reds, blues and grays makes an excellent bundle to add to your stash or sew right away.

Little Red Fox

The Enchant print is simple and cheerful and it brings a smile to my face for two reasons: 1) it’s just plain pretty; and 2) it reminds me of a little story I have to tell…

One day, years ago, my husband and I were taking a drive in the country.  We had stopped beside a field and were both looking at a tree (much like the one in the print).   I blurted out, “Look!  There’s a cat!” at the exact same moment that he blurted out, “Look! There’s a fox!”  Then we argued for a good five minutes while we looked at the tree and the cat/fox, making our points about who was right.  Then, he looked up the tree and I looked down.  He saw a cat and I saw…a fox!  A little red fox had chased a rather large orange cat up a tree and tricked us both.

Cunning and mischievous, quick and sly, is just how I imagine this little guy, so this week I’m wondering: do any of the prints in our Little Red Fox bundle remind you of anything?

Lost in a Fabric Meadow

April 10, 2014
Posted by: Laura

Have you seen? Have you heard? Leah Duncan’s much anticipated new collection, Meadow, is now in stock and ready to captivate the hearts of fabric lovers everywhere.  Laura’s so smitten with it that she chose her favourite print from the collection as the inspiration for this week’s featured bundle, Flight of Fancy.


Meadow has everything you could want in a collection: contrasting values, playful whimsy and the ability to inspire daydreams.  The mix of both soft and bold colours means that these fabrics go well with a variety of solids and low-volume fabrics.  They also complement many of the prints in Leah’s previous line, Tule.

One look at the print below and all Laura can think of is running through her grandmother’s vintage sheets as a child.  Close your eyes…Can you picture it?


The entire collection is such an inviting breath of fresh air after the winter we’ve had here in Eastern Ontario.  And if the weather forecast is true for next week, Laura will be holed up in her basement, lost in a fabric meadow.  Blissfully ignoring reality and thinking warm, sunny thoughts.


If you knew it was going to snow next week (yes…eeeek! snow again…), which Meadow print would you want to find in your stash?



Anniversary Celebration – Week 2

April 9, 2014
Posted by: Pam

Today I had some fun demonstrating  the Hex N More and Sidekick rulers from Jaybird Quilts at the Kanata Quilt Guild.  It gave me a chance to show off a lovely quilt that was made by Kirstin Fearon and custom quilted by Mari Lyn Jarzyna . They both did a fabulous job, and I am thrilled with how this one turned out.

northern lights


The pattern is Northern Lights by Jaybird Quilts and the fabric is Dowry by AMH —the Brass Locket palette. It’s available as a kit in the shop, ruler not included.

Thank you for your kind comments on our 6 year anniversary — they serve as a reminder of all the wonderful people I’ve met on my adventure. I promised a new sale for every week in April as part of the celebration, and this week it’s $6 /yard on loads of gorgeous fabric. See them all here. You might even find a few at $5.

I’m making a quick trip down to see some friends at the London Friendship Quilter’s Guild tomorrow. They invited me there as shop of the month, and as luck would have it, Jacquie Gering of Tallgrass Prairie Studio will be speaking. Kaisa and Laura will be taking care of business while I’m gone, so I think I might even be able to relax and enjoy my trip. See you when I’m back!

Flight of Fancy

April 7, 2014

There is a small moment, almost a whisper in time, when it seems Winter turns to Spring.  It feels almost instantaneous.  A blink to us, but a constant murmur to Mother Nature.  This weekend I woke up, blinked my eyes and there was magic all around.  On Saturday, it snowed.  On Sunday, I put my boots aside and ventured out in my Toms.  Today, the snow is melting and leaving a geometric footprint of white snow and black mud in its watery path.  There are birds.  Everywhere.  Seagulls and geese are soaring overhead and I can hear chickadees in my backyard.  It is magic.  It is ethereal.  It is SPRING!

Flight of Fancy Bundle

We’ve called this week’s featured bundle “Flight of Fancy.”  The bold geometric prints playfully contrast the vibrant pastels. They echo the landscape of Spring and the singing of the birds.  Don’t miss out on the magic of Spring sewing.  Flight of Fancy is 20% off until Sunday, April 13th at midnight.

Pam – AKA The Flickr Friday Fabric Fairy

April 4, 2014
Posted by: Laura

Today marks our first blog post celebrating Flickr Friday.  If you follow us on Facebook, you’re already in on one of the best-kept secrets in the history of fabric goodness.  Pam is the Flickr Friday fabric fairy and, every Friday, she chooses one (or sometimes two) favourite uploads from the Mad About Patchwork Flickr group and gives the winner a 1/2 yard of fabric on the house!

Here are some of this week’s highlights, including the pic of our winning lunchbox by Marika O.


If you’ve ever wanted to check out what other people are making with the fabrics available at Mad About Patchwork, our Flickr group is the place to go.  Whether you’re looking for pattern inspiration or colour combinations, you’ll find plenty from fellow makers to light your creative spark.  Be sure to join today and start uploading your own pics.  You never know…You just might be next week’s Flickr Friday winner!

Did you know we’re also on Instagram?  You can add photos to our pool by using the hashtag #madaboutpatchwork.

Anniversary Celebration

April 1, 2014
Posted by: Pam

Can you believe it’s been 6 years already? Me neither! But I think it calls for a little celebration — or maybe even a big one! We’re planning a month-long celebration with a new special every week.

This week it’s $10 off purchases over $50  with the coupon CELEBRATE10. Good through April 7.

And we have some exciting news to share at the end of the month. Maybe some plans and dreams for the next 6. Stay tuned.

A Place to Lay Your Head

Posted by: Laura

Sometimes a girl needs a pretty place to lay her head, especially if that girl is a little girl getting ready for the leap to a big-girl bed.  What better way to make her new bed cozy and welcoming than with some custom-made pillow cases?  Laura’s about to embark on this sewing project for the first time for her daughter’s new bed.  Who would like to join her?  She’ll be following this great tutorial by Ashley of Film In The Fringe and using some of the Anna Maria Horner flannel featured in Ashley’s tutorial that she picked up a long, long time ago.  What fabric will you be using?  Stay tuned for some progress pics.  Of course, where there are new pillow cases, a new quilt must follow, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Fabulous AMH Flannel

If you’d like to make your own, you’ll need 1 yard of main fabric per pillow plus contrasting fabric for trim detail.  As always, we’d love to see your pics in our Flickr group.  If you’re not already a member, be sure to join the group and start uploading your photos in time for our weekly Flickr Friday fabric giveaway.


Petal Pushers Bundle

March 31, 2014
Posted by: Laura

Spring, spring…where is spring? The sun is out, but the ground is still covered (and I mean COVERED) in white here in Eastern Ontario and it looks like there is still more snow to come. Pam and Laura are pleading ignorance and daydreaming of flowers.  What better way to encourage Spring to come than to put together a bundle of our lightest and brightest floral prints and then have a sale?  This week’s Mosaic Monday bundle is appropriately named Petal Pushers and is 20% off now through Sunday, April 6th, at midnight.  Don’t be left out in the cold.  Surround yourself with floral fabric, grab a hot drink and join us in our Spring daydreams.

Petal Pushers Bundle

Petal Pushers Bundle

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