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Sunday Morning Sewing

April 27, 2014

It’s Sunday morning and I’m going to sew.  I’m going to leave the vacuuming and the laundry and plunk myself down in front of my sewing machine with a a hot cup of tea.  Partly because I have some deadlines before this evening’s Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild meeting and partly because I’m in desperate need of some “me” time.  I think the latter is more the case.

Do you have a favourite sewing day of the week?  For me, Sundays are my sweet spot.  I welcome them with open arms.  They are the only day of the week that I’m not flying solo with the kids or teaching.  So I thought it must be fate when I came across the book Sunday Morning Quilts by Cheryl Arkison and Amanda Jean Nyberg a few years ago.

Sunday Morning Quilts

When I saw the front cover, I was smitten.  That title.  And that quilt. I knew I had to make one…Just. Like. It.  And so I did. Or sort of, anyways.  I used that quilt for inspiration and came up with this quilt for my son when he moved into his big boy bed.  I’m not one to follow patterns, but I bought the book because it is chalk full of inspiration and serious eye candy, and it was too good to pass up.  Many of the quilts featured in the book now have a spot on my never-ending to-do list.

Quilt Close-Up

Big Boy Quilt

What’s your favourite quilting or sewing book?  Do you follow the patterns or just gaze longingly at the pictures?  Do you have any books on your wishlist?  How would you like a discount on those books?  The last time I was over at Pam’s, I was surprised to learn she offers 20-25% off sewing and quilting books and can get almost any of them ordered in.  So I thought I would pass along this information.  It seems too good to keep to myself.

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