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A finished Tova

July 18, 2012
Posted by: Pam

As I was doing my fabric housekeeping a few weeks ago, I came face to face with my unfinished Tova. I had it all cut out months ago, and then put it on the to do list. Except it wasn’t getting done. I was slightly intimidated by the thought of sewing something to wear in public, especially for myself.  But Very Kerry Berry had a lovely sew-a-long, and then my friend Bonnie gave me a nudge. And I had committed 3 yards of shot cotton to the project (it was already cut!) So this past weekend I finally tackled it, and am happy to say it is finished.

I even think it’s nice enough to wear in public. I’ll be at the Quilts At The Creek event at Black Creek Pioneer Village (Toronto) on July 28 & 29. And I’ll definitely be sporting my new Tova on one of those days. Do stop by and say hello!

(PS – you can buy the pattern here)


March 15, 2012
Posted by: Pam

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. (Wikipedia)

Which is precisely what happened to me this morning as I skimmed through the unread posts in my blog reader. I’ll start from the beginning :- I saw the Wiksten Tova shirt pattern made up somewhere in blogland quite a while ago – maybe here? That’s my kind of style. But $30 for a pattern? And my garment making skills have been limited to pyjama pants and some spiffy Hallowe’en costumes for the kids for quite some time. I wasn’t ready to commit.

And then the pattern was made available as a much more affordable PDF download. Hmm … maybe. And then I started cutting those shot cottons that are the feature fabric for March in the shop. So soft, so pretty and so perfect for a lightweight summer shirt! But I was still sitting on the proverbial fence – until this morning.

No more procrastinating … I’m in! Now I just have to choose the perfect color. That’s serendipity!

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