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Twenty minutes a day

January 23, 2013

In last week’s post on intentions I forget to mention the best intention of all … Drop and Give Me Twenty!

Beth (of EvaPage Quilt Designs) has planned a linky party to help “whip you into some serious quilting shape”.  You need to commit to 20 minutes of sewing a day for the month of February. According to Beth, “Twenty minutes of actual sewing is ideal, but in a pinch I’m okay with 20 minutes of pressing, organizing scraps, fondling fabric, or rolling around naked in your stash. The point is to become one with your projects and make sure quilting remains a part of your daily life.”

I think you get the idea. There are some fabulous prizes for those who want to join in (just click on the button above to see all the details). As a sponsor, I won’t be participating officially, but I do think it’s a great idea. I gave it a try last week to see what I could get done in 20 minutes a day.

These are blocks for an ongoing project. They go together quickly so I could get 2 or 3 made in 20 minutes.

In 20 minutes I cut and joined 8 strips (and pressed them into a double fold binding).

Take another 20 minutes to attach the binding to a placemat (or two). I hand stitched the binding to the back in front of the TV later that night, but if you do your bindings on the machine you’ll be even further ahead.

20 minutes of cutting – these are 2.5″ strips for the scrappy trip along.

Four blocks for the scrappy trip along – each one took about 20 minutes, so I spent a bit more time on these.

This is my bee block for February – about 30 minutes to make. The tutorial for the converging corners block can be found at Film in the Fridge.

When I first started quilting my children were little, and 20 minutes a day was usually all I could manage. I can still remember the satisfaction I took from my daily progress. I’ve enjoyed getting back into the habit. Why not join in the fun, and see what you can accomplish in just 20 minutes a day.

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