Good things come to those who wait

Posted on June 15, 2015 by Chris Oberg | 0 comments

And a long wait it’s been!


Wild & Free was an Art Gallery Limited Edition collection by Maureen Cracknell that was released last fall. I received my shipment in January, but this beautiful arrow print was missing. I loved the collection as a whole, but was not able to offer bundles at the time.


Luminous Field sold out quickly (quelle surprise!), and I put in an order for another bolt, plus the Fletching Chant. Crossed my fingers. And then waited. And waited. So long I almost gave up hope.


But they finally arrived today, and I now have enough stock to offer bundles and yardage of all the prints from this enchanting collection.


Did you miss it the first time around? Well, sometimes good things really do come to those who wait!


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