Naughty or Nice THREAD Calendar

Acron Thread - Naughty collection

hand-dyed thread calendar for the 2021 holiday season. This beautiful calendar features all new colours for 25 days of gifts.

Have you been naughty or nice? Either way you deserve a premium calendar with a hand-dyed bobbin of thread each day. Just make your selection based on which type of palette you want. You can always treat yourself to both with no duplicates between the calendars you'll enjoy 50 new colours with no FOMO.

Naughty features moody colours 

Nice features cheerful colours 

Hint: the graphics will also help you figure out which you'll prefer 

Acorn Bobbins
100% Tencel
size 8 Tencel pearl
20 yds per bobbin
Hand-dyed in Canada

Each Calendar purchased will plant a tree with South Nation Conservation
All packaging is recyclable 

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