Color Continuum 5 — Gradients


Color Continuum is an exploration in using different approaches to color palettes together with modern, geometric designs to evoke a mood or even suggest a beautiful landscape or classic painting.

- The first four books in Color Continuum explored single- and dual-tone palettes, rainbows, and some of the author’s favorite color combinations.

- In No. 05 gradients, palettes flow from one shade to another, using the shift from dark to light to bring movement, light, and even texture to a design.

- Five designs in five unique new palettes showcase different approaches to using gradients to imbue a quilt with light and life.

Project measurements:
Cascade: 70"" x 82""
Celestial: 70"" x 81""
Aurora: 81-1/4"" x 75""
Ridge: 74"" x 66""
Azure: 76"" x 99""

Softcover; 42  pages; published 2016.

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Category: Emily Cier

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