Custom Edge to Edge Walking Foot Quilting - with Melissa Marginet

Melissa came up with this technique because of my dislike for burying threads. By quilting from edge to edge you will not have to bury any threads (unless your bobbin runs out or your thread breaks). But just because you are quilting from edge to edge, doesn’t mean you are limited to a boring quilt design or following the same pattern throughout the quilt.

Join this ONLINE class where you will be quilting a simple pixel quilt by using Melissa's Custom Edge to Edge Walking Foot Quilting technique. (Note: You will be required to make the quilt top prior to class if not also taking Creating a Pixel Quilt. Instructions will be provided upon registration.)

Session 1 Evening:  Nov 18, 25 Dec 2  from 6:30-8pm

Included is Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Book Quilting Designs  by Melissa Marginet

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