EPP winki stars Class (English Paper Piecing)

Winki Pop Class

Tuesday March 5

Supplies & Pattern for this class are included and will be provided day of.

**Fabric Description for English Paper Piecing Winki Stars Pattern by Jenn Kingwell:**

Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of intricate design with our English Paper Piecing (EPP) Winki Stars pattern by the renowned designer, Jenn Kingwell. Crafted with the EPP enthusiast in mind, this pattern offers a delightful blend of technique mastery, color theory exploration, and precise placement guidance.

**Pattern Features:**

1. **English Paper Piecing Expertise:** English Paper Piecing is a time-honored quilting technique known for its precision and versatility. With the Winki Stars pattern, you'll delve into the heart of EPP, learning the art of hand-sewing fabric pieces around paper templates. This method ensures your blocks maintain their shape and allows for intricate and detailed designs.

2. **Technique Advancement:** Whether you're a seasoned EPP enthusiast or just starting your journey, the Winki Stars pattern caters to all skill levels. Beginners will appreciate the step-by-step instructions, while experienced quilters can hone their techniques and expand their capabilities.

3. **Color Theory Exploration:** This pattern provides the perfect canvas to experiment with color theory. From selecting a harmonious color palette to understanding contrast, shading, and color placement, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for how colors interact within your quilt.

4. **Precise Placement Guidance:** Achieving flawless alignment and perfect points is a hallmark of EPP. With the Winki Stars pattern, you'll receive expert guidance on how to precisely place your fabric pieces, ensuring your stars shine brilliantly.

**Materials Required:**

While we provide the comprehensive pattern and instructions, students are required to purchase their own set of Winki Stars Templates, which are essential for this project. These templates have been meticulously designed to fit the pattern perfectly, ensuring your EPP experience is as enjoyable and accurate as possible.

In summary, the English Paper Piecing Winki Stars pattern by Jenn Kingwell is a captivating and educational quilting adventure that combines the beauty of EPP with color theory exploration and precise placement techniques. Whether you're looking to expand your quilting skills or seeking a creative outlet, this pattern offers an enriching experience that will result in a stunning quilt to be cherished for years to come. Get ready to sew your way to a masterpiece!


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