Indigo Blue with Rainbow Nylon Teeth - Zipper Tape by the Yard

 A one-of-a-kind zipper tape with nylon choppers! Cut it to your desired length - no fuss, no muss. Sew through the teeth with no broken needles. Now you can craft cute pouches, backpacks, handbags, cushions, and outdoor projects.

  • Get it by the Yard or get a Bundle of 3 yards or 5 yards
No pulls? No problem! Our zipper tape lets you pick your preferred size #5 zipper pulls, making it easy to customize your craft to the max. You can opt for single-pull zippers or double-pull zippers–the choice is yours!
  • cut in continuous lengths depending on selection
One yard: 36 inches (91 cm).
Zipper width: 1¼ inches (3 cm).

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