Modern Patchwork — November/ December 2018


Welcome to Modern Patchwork, inspired by the growing and thriving modern quilt movement. The pages are packed with contemporary projects of every type, plus new features following modern quilting through the big wide world! In this issue Features include: Intentional Improv by Candy Glendening; Nurturing the Creative Soul by Kim Soper; Makers With Quilts by Amy Garro and Tisha Nagel; and Stitch by Stitch free motions quilting mastery by Timna Tarr. Quilts include: Dockside by Heather Black; Living Large by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle; Half Moon Twist by Scott Hansen; Disappearing Crayons by Gosia Pawlowska; North and South by AGF Studio; Split Circles by Jean Nolte; Minimalist Churn Dash by Sylvia Schaefer; Adored by Leasley Storts; Agave by Amy Friend, Wanderlost by Teri Lucas; Dancing Diamonds by Lee Chappell Monroe; Spinning Stars by Cheryl Brickey; and Arctic Horizon by Kristi Schroeder Larson.

Modern Patchwork Magazine - November/December 2018.

Category: New Arrival

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