Posh Swirl - Ice Cream "Sew"cial Class

Dive into the elegant curves and swirls of the Posh Swirl quilt pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful in this exclusive workshop! Not only will you enhance your quilting skills using the specialized Quick Curve Ruler, but you'll also enjoy a delightful ice cream social as you sew. This class is perfect for quilters looking to try something new and indulge in some sweet treats along the way.

July 25th
The supplies are not included, but ice cream is

What You Will Learn:

  • Using the Quick Curve Ruler: Master the techniques needed to effectively use the Quick Curve Ruler, essential for achieving the smooth, continuous curves that define the Posh Swirl pattern.
  • Pattern Reading and Setup: Learn how to read and set up the Posh Swirl pattern, preparing your fabric and planning your quilt layout.
  • Curve Piecing: Gain hands-on experience with curve piecing, improving your accuracy and confidence in sewing curved seams.
  • Quilting Techniques: Discuss various quilting techniques that complement the swirling designs, enhancing the visual impact of your finished piece.

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