Retro tv embroidery pin blanks or needle minder kit

Retro TV pins....These mini TV blanks (2 are in this pack) are just the perfect way to finish your embroidery design into a sweet pin and makes a great gift! Each one is 2-3/4in wide by 2-7/8in tall... the inside area of the pin is 1-11/16in wide x 1-1/4in tall. You can add pretty fabric (like the kitty cats reading shown in pictures), cross-stitch, beading, stamped out words and sayings, plus much more. Also included are 3 designs and a sheet with helpful hints and instructions. Plus there is a blank area to draw your own designs. These Pins come with 2 pinbacks to glue on the back. These could also be made into magnets, name tags, or... for a necklace drill a hole in the TV.

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