Simple Modern Sewing


25 fabulous, wearable garments from only 8 simple patterns! Make a closetful of comfortable and easy go-to garments without needing tons of patterns. You need just the eight included basic templates which show you how to fold and cut for each of the 25 unique designs. The patterns are easy and adaptable with no-fuss sizing, so it's simple to sew clothes that are perfect for you. If you're a beginner sewer you'll love the basic shapes and stylish results. Once you've mastered the patterns you can get creative and make each piece your own by using a variety of fabrics, or by adding fashionable embellishments like a print lining or contrast-stitching. Fill your wardrobe in no time with these easy to make and wear garments.

Softcover; 128 pages; published 2008.

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Category: Garment

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