T-Shirt Pop-Ups Small Frame Re-fill


Turn those t-shirts into fun pop ups!  great graduation gifts!

*Does not include T-Shirt Pop Up Pattern  

Do you have a graduate in your future? How about a kid who loves sports.. and could use a place to store gear? Turn those T-shirts into fun Pop-Up!
Small Pop Up Refill
The Fat Quarter Pop Up is a fun little container that pops! A specially formed wire springs back into shape every time!

Once you make one... you'll be hooked!
5-1/2in Diameter x 6in Tall
Recommended Stabilizer: SF101 Shapeflex Fusible by Pellon
Apply stabilizer to fabric BEFORE cutting down to the final 
dimensions for the sides.  Fusible stabilizer tends to cause 
shrinkage and this will offset that issue.

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