Aurifil Advent Calendar, Le Alpi

Aurifil - Advent Calendar

Note this is a pre-order and early ordering should have it to you for the start of Advent.

Introducing, Le Alpi, Aurifil's inaugural advent calendar. A delightful homage to the holiday traditions of our childhood, it was designed to rekindle the pure, unadulterated joy that once sparkled in our eyes as we eagerly awaited the festive season. Each compartment holds one small spool of Aurifil’s 100% cotton thread, meticulously curated to bring a burst of excitement.

Explore the colors of the season: This beautiful palette of 24 small spools includes five brand-new, limited-edition 50wt colors exclusive to this advent calendar as well as the introduction of five new shades of 8wt and a medley of Aurifil's cotton thread weights.

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