Clear Open Toe Foot for IDT™ System


The Clear Open Toe Foot is perfect for appliqué and other sewing applications requiring an unobstructed view of the sewing area. An extra large opening in the front makes beautiful appliqué quick and easy. The clear view through the foot gives greater visibility and helps to precisely match rows of stitches. A tunnel on the underside of the foot allows your stitches to feed smoothly.

How to use:

  1.  Snap on the Clear Open Toe Foot for IDT™ system.
  2.  Engage the IDT™ system.
  3.  Choose a decorative stitch or a satin stitch. Use pattern mirror if needed.
  4.  Guide the stitch along the inner edge of the foot to ensure even seams along the edge.
  5.  For best results use a marking pen to draw lines for exact guiding of the foot.
  6.  Sew.

Compatible with: D, E,F, G, J, K Machines

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