Hudson Bay - Homestead Quilt Kit

The Homestead Quilt Kit by Jen Kingwell, crafted in the timeless Hudson Bay colors, offers a quintessential blend of style and tradition. This kit features an assortment of high-quality fabrics that echo the iconic Hudson Bay palette: vibrant red, green, yellow, and indigo, each embellished with simple yet elegant patterns like crosses and stars. The natural cream fabric serves as a soothing backdrop, enhancing the brightness of the primary colors and creating a striking contrast.

This kit is perfect for quilters looking to infuse a touch of classic charm into their creations. The combination of bold, clean colors and minimalist patterns captures the essence of Hudson Bay’s historical and aesthetic significance, making it ideal for a cozy throw, a rustic bedspread, or a charming wall hanging. With this kit, crafters can celebrate the enduring beauty of traditional design while enjoying the satisfaction of creating a handcrafted masterpiece.

Use the kit for more than the Homestead Quilt with over 7+ yards of fabric it is ideal for anything Canadiana

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