*pre order* Wool Pressing Mat *READ DESCRIPTION* Full Ironing Board Length (54" x 15" x 0.5")

Wool Pressing Mat - Full Size - 3rd shipment

This is a preorder - These mat will not arrive till the END of FEB 2022 * providing there are no shipping delays.  Lock in this price now with this purchase.

Our first shipment sold out and our Second shipment sold out (and still on the way) 

Do not purchase anything else with this item.

This wool mat is 54” x 15” x 0.5”

This half inch thick Mat is perfect gift


For quilting embroidery starching, sewing , applique work, patchwork, garment work or anywhere crisply pressed seams and professional results are desired.


This thick wool pad will keep your fabric stable while ironing to minimize stretching,

Projects including yarn and embroidery can be pinned into the wool for easy blocking.


Wool ironing mat works like an extra hand by gripping the fabric to prevent moving during pressing. Pieces are easily pinned to the mat for blocking work is desired.


Used on most any hard surface. Absorbs heat and moisture, preventing burns and everything of the surface below. Do not place on a cutting mat.


Tips: Due to the nature of this mat, it will give off a slight wool smell when the first used.

This smell will be fade off and disappear after a few uses, its an all natural wool, so it smells just like a wool sweater wood at first wash and wear.

Dont use starch but you can use Flatter (R) or Best Press (R)

Store Flat


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