Outdoor Quilt Path - Sept 22-24

🌟 Join Us for a Quilt-tastic Adventure at the Outdoor Quilt Show 🌟

🗓 Date: September 22-24, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
*weather permitting
📍 Location: 2477 Huntley Rd, Stittsville

Get ready to step into a world where art, nature, and giving beautifully converge! 🎨🌳

Mad About Patchwork is thrilled to present the Outdoor Quilt Show, a whimsical journey along a 0.6 km loop trail through enchanting woods adorned with breathtaking quilts. 🍂✨

Why Attend? 🧵 Quilted Artistry: Marvel at a kaleidoscope of modern and traditional quilts, each telling a unique story with every stitch and pattern.
🌈 Colors Galore: Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant fabrics, where creativity knows no bounds.
💖 Give Back: Admission is FREE, but we welcome donations for Quilts for Survivors, Quilts of Valour, and Victoria's Quilts, helping us make a positive impact.

What to Expect:
🚶 Scenic Trail: A leisurely stroll on a flat gravel path, perfect for all ages.
🚽 Restroom Facilities: Yes, we've got you covered!
👗 Fashion Forward: Stop in and discover cottons for quilts, bags, and garments at Mad About Patchwork.
🧵 Workshops and Classes: Explore your inner artist  and see if you want to join an upcoming creative opportunity.

Spread the Word! Share the joy by inviting friends and family! Quilting enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone looking for a unique experience are welcome. 💌

Don't miss this chance to celebrate art, nature, and the spirit of giving. Mark your calendar and prepare for an unforgettable adventure! 🌟

For more details, inquiries, or media inquiries, please contact us at 
Alison   Customerservice @ madaboutpatchwork.com

Let's appreciate quilts, and stroll together. See you there! 🧵🌲


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