Charming - 1/4” or 1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic Ruler for Domestic Machine Quilting


Quilting with rulers allows you to create quilting designs that are accurate, consistent all with only your domestic sewing machine. 
  • The Perfect Ruler For Use With A Charm Pack Quilt or Pillow.
  • Straight edge to line up perfectly and stitch in the ditch or any straight lines withing a 4.5" block
  • Create orange peel, and arcs easily within a 4.5" block
  • Needle stops on both edges  
  • Anywhere you need a straight line within a 4.5" block, this is the ruler to use!
  • Precision machined from 1/4” or 1/8"  clear acrylic
  • Markings accurate within .002” making it easy to line up and keep consistent spacing
  • All markings are engraved, rather than etched or screen printed, making them easy to see on any fabric
  • Markings will not wear off and they create slip resistance
  • Edges have been rounded to be comfortable in the hand – no sharp edges to hang onto!
  • Includes non-slip tape for additional resistance, that can be easily applied if desired
  • 1/4" thick can be used on longarm or domestic machine.  1/8" can be used on domestic machine with limited clearance behind ruler foot. (check out THIS YouTube video on this if you are unsure which thickness is best for you)

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