Hobbs Heirloom - 80/20 Personal Bolt Batting - 15 Yards


96 x 15 yrds

Heirloom® Premium Cotton Blend is made from 80% long staple cotton fibers and 20% fine polyester. This combination of fibers creates a strong, longwearing batt and is very easy to handle.

The batting is lightly needle punched and treated with a soft resin to provide stability to the fibers and prevent the polyester from bearding. This process makes Heirloom® Cotton Blend Batting uniquely easy to quilt by hand.

We recommend that the quilt maker spend some time learning about this product before using it on a major project. Make samples using this batting to see how it launders and how it needles, both by hand and by machine, so that you can obtain the look you want in your final project.

  • Made of: 80/20 Cotton Polly
  • Non-fusiblee
  • Space between stitches: up to 4in
  • Loft: Low (1/4")
  • Washing/drying instructions: Follow Fabric Instructions

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