Jam Jar Clips

Introducing our adorable "Jam-packed Creativity" jar! This sweet container is bursting with 50 vibrant red sewing clips, cleverly packaged to resemble a jar of jam. These handy little clips are a stitcher's best friend, perfect for holding your fabrics together without the prick of a pin. Whether you're piecing together a quilt or crafting a new outfit, these clips make the job easy and safe.

Each "Jam-packed Creativity" jar is as practical as it is cute, offering a pinch of fun to your sewing kit. Keep your clips neatly stored and always ready for action, just like your favorite spread at breakfast. Dive into your next sewing project with a spoonful of creativity and a jar full of utility—no sticky fingers included! Perfect for gift-giving or treating yourself to a delightful twist on your sewing

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Category: Jen Kingwell

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