Power Quilter 1600 Long Arm Quilting Machine

Quilt Large Projects With Room To Spare

Professional results in a 16" (406 mm) stationary longarm quilting machine and table, designed with built-in tools for extra precision.

At A Glance

  • Built-In Optical Stitch Regulation
  • LED Lighting & Project Tools
  • Extra Large Machine Space
  • 4-Thread Spool Stand
  • Stand-Alone Bobbin Winder
Built-In Optical Stitch Regulation

Achieve consistent and beautiful stitch quality by setting the regulated stitch length between 4-22 stitches per inch for a professional finish.

LED Lighting

Bright built-in LED lighting around the needle area and into the workspace, offer superior lighting for a clear view of your project. With the ability to control the brightness on screen you can have the best lighting for any project

Extra Large Machine Space

Quilt large projects with room to spare in the 16" (40.6 cm) throat space with 8" (20.3cm) vertical space.

Project Tools

All the project tools you need are directly on your screen. Track how much time you've worked on a project, see how many stitches a project or technique takes, and more.

4-Thread Spool Stand

Easily switch between colors in a project by having the next color ready to go on the 4-thread spool stand. 

Built-In Diagnostics

Built-in diagnostic tests help determine what may need servicing before seeing an authorized service technician.

Needle Up/Down

Conveniently activate the Needle Up/Down function to stop with the needle down in your fabric or in the up position.

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