Jen Kingwell Sewing Celebration June 3-8th 2024

Mad About Patchwork, the vibrant and contemporary quilt store nestled in the heart of Stittsville, Ontario, is thrilled to announce an excusive event that will captivate quilting enthusiasts and creative souls alike. We are honored to host the internationally renowned Jen Kingwell, a virtuoso in the quilting world known for her eclectic and whimsical designs. Jen brings a wealth of knowledge and an infectious passion for quilting that transcends traditional boundaries, making her classes a sought-after experience for both novices and seasoned sewists.

Jen Kingwell's repertoire is a delightful blend of hand sewing, hand piecing, hand quilting, and appliqué techniques, which she masterfully combines to create quilts with a charming, vintage feel that resonates with modern aesthetics. Her ability to mix and match patterns and colors is unparalleled, encouraging students to explore their creativity and develop their unique style. Whether you're looking to refine your skills or embark on a new quilting journey, Jen's hands-on classes offer personalized guidance and insights into the artistry of quilting, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.


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